Wednesday, 16 May 2012

You went to Japan- did you just eat fish?! Part I

When telling people I have just been to Japan, invariably the first question is- 'Did you just eat fish the whole time?!'

Ah, no.

It's like asking an Australian if all they eat is steak because you've seen one of those gross Outback Steakhouses in foreign countries, lol.

(Although if you asked Billasaurus Rex if he only eats steak, you'd be eerily dead-on)

I ate beautifully the whole time I was in Japan, despite speaking much Japanese. In fact as a whole I got by only knowing Hello, Goodbye, Excuse Me, Bathroom, Cute, This meal was delicious, Thank-you and a shitload of pointing with some hilarious but often undecipherable hand gestures, a la charades.

Alot of restaurants had menus that had atleast a couple of things pictured, and often when I walked in a picture menu was fished (I'm punny!) out from under the counter without me having to say a word.

Yes, I did eat a bit of sashimi in Japan. Looking back though, I probably had no more than I would have had on my lunch break at home! I ate a really varied diet, with some magnificent ramen, tempura, sashimi, rice and egg dishes, and so much more.

On to the photos!

Excuse the iPhone photo. Pork Konkatsu in Hiroshima. Delicously golden, crumby fried pork with a bizarre sour apple sauce blobbed on top. Tempure prawn was so crunchy! Japanese obsessed with shallots.

What did suprise me was the 7/11's in Tokyo and Kyoto (I didnt see them in Osaka and Hiroshima, mainly other chains like Family Mart. It's not to say they dont exist, but the certainly werent as prevelant as in Tokyo). Not only were they everywhere, but inside them was amazing!

They are more like mini supermarkets, with walls of fresh, ready to go meals. At first I was wary, and thought of the icky frozen cheeseburgers at my local 7/11, but they were FANTASTIC! Locals were buying them at a crazy rate, and i'm a joiner, so I did too.
The meals were very fresh, cheap (around 500 yen, which works out to be around $6!) and super tasty.

I ate a fair bit of 7/11, because it was always handy and sometimes you dont want to go out for a meal, just want something simple. They cashiers even heat them up for you!

Intricate and beautiful desserts at Isetan, and the phenomenal food hall

Mos Burger- Teriyaki Chicken

Whoever the precious angel was that told me about Mos Burger-THANKYOU.

(I think it was the fantastic GC Real Estate Girl?)

Mos Burger is a Japanese burger chain, and they are everywhere over there. The burgers look tiny, but in reality are the perfect portion. I had a Chicken Teriyaki burger which was great, the chicken was so moist and tender! (Most is a creepy word, no?)

I googled Mos burger to see if it had two s's or just the one, and turns out we have them in Australia?! Where?!

Matcha (Green Tea) Kit Kats....YUM!
One one of my many 7/11 trips in Tokyo (What can I say, I have a weird obsession with foreign snack foods) I discovered Green Tea Kit Kats. It was love at first bite.

They are bright green, with green filling too. They were really sweet like white chocolate, but with a little of the green tea bitterness so they werent sickingly sweet. Love!

There were also Wasabi Kit Kats (I bought home a gift back for Billasaurus, but we both only had one and then never spoke of them again) and also Sakura & Green Tea (Cherry Blossom). That one tasted a shit load like the plain Green Tea, but with a vague plasticy cherry flavour.

Now I hate to break this to you, but this is only Part 1 of my Japanese food posts. These were just the pics off my iPhone! The shots from my DSLR are absolutely  mammoth files, and crashed my parents computer just from trying to upload them.

Wasn't me, must have been an intruder who needed somewhere to view his travel pics.



  1. The boyfriend and I have some hilarious memories of "tourist charades" from our travels through Europe earlier this year.

    You are so brave for doing it alone though!

    I would absolutely love to spend a month or two in a Parisian apartment on my own, and I do speak university level French, but I am just way too much of a wuss.

    Your photos look delicious...I imagine I would be in a salmon sashimi coma at the end of every day.


  2. Japan has the best food! Did you do shabu shabu? I have great memories of that!

    Look forward to the next installments of the food posts! :-)

  3. looking at your pics makes me sooooo want to visit japan! If i went to japan I would carry a luggage back full of their snacks lol can't wait for the next japan post!

  4. Ohh, one of my favourite things about travelling is experiencing new cultures, foods and tastes! All this looks awesome. I loooove all the little Asian snacks, and I bet they had all sorts of things in Japan!

    Can't wait to see more :)

  5. Moist is indeed a creepy work. i love the desserts, they all look so perfect! and I would absolutely nom down that burger right now, I love teriyaki chicken (especially when it's moist)

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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