Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Trenery/End of Trimester

Settle down people, I'm not pregnant. Although, I would feel better about my recent holiday weight gain if I atleast had a baby to blame it on! Food baby does not count.

I'm talking end of Trimester at uni. Deakin are special like that- we have trimesters instead of semesters. In all of the brochures they talk this up like 'Get your degree quicker at Deakin! Do a summer trimester!' but it's fuck all usefullness if your course doesnt offer any units in the summer trimester.


It's almost the end of Trimester 1 for the year. It also marks the end of my first complete year at uni! I did things the wonky way and started the Bachelor of Primary Education mid year 2011, essentially turning a 4 year degree into a 4 and a half year degree because they changed the course structure at the beginning of 2012. It feels like I still have foreeeever to go!

So to celebrate (read: I randomly felt like shopping and am using this event as an excuse) I have purchased the following from Trenery- (and when I say bought I mean put on lay-buy with the minimum deposit, because I'm a poor uni student)

Erika Ostrich Embossed Tote from Trenery

I love a good bag, and my reasoning on this one is-

  • I don't have any brown bags
  • I don't have any bags big enough to fit all of my uni books
  • This bag will match my brown or black leather boots for winter
  • I wanted it
The ostrich leather is very soft.This bag is not my usual taste, I am generally a fan of black everything. Time to branch out, and lets face it, this is much less drastic than bungee jumping.

I did have to stop myself from purchasing the following-

Zig Zag Scarf from Trenery

Basket Weave Scarf from Trenery

It's funny- the unit I despised all trimester (Analysing Childrens Literature) is the one I have received the best marks in and have decided to continue on with as an elective. The marks I earnt didnt come easy, and I was really forced to sharpen my essay writing skills for my tough tutor.

But for now....it's holiday time.

Did I mention I am going on a cruise to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand? I am.

My niece turned 18 in March, so 3 of my sisters and myself are all celebrating with her and going cruising for a week. Only a little trip, but am feeling very lucky to be going on it, especially since Ive barely unpacked from Japan.

Not bad for an end of uni reward, hey?



  1. Very nice! I love it, perfect how it will go with both brown and black too. Good taste. :)

  2. I read 'trimester' and thought you were pregnant haha! Very nice reward & perfectly acceptable excuses

  3. Another holiday?! Curse you... CURSE YOU!!

    Haha Hope you have a fantastic time... I am so jealous!

  4. Didn't you just get back from a holiday? Thought you were a poor uni student :-P That bag is gorgeous by the way, hope it's not too long before you using it :-)

  5. Have you been cruising before? You'll love it, especially if you have a good crowd! I'm very jealous :)

  6. Yay for holidays! Ahh yes, the lovely Deakin insanity, silly people!

    Love the bag, it's gorgeous!


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