Thursday, 17 May 2012

Costume Parties


Yep, Im that person who squeals excitedly when someone mentions a themed party.

In fact sometimes, I get a bit TOO into it.

Last year Mum had a K themed 60th Birthday party. I went as Gene Simmons, but flat out refused to take off my makeup at the end of the night. After really getting into the swing of the character, I wouldnt let it go! Billasaurus had to literally drag me into the shower kicking and screaming (screaming rock anthems and flicking my long tongue simultaneously) to get the makeup from my face. Only minutes earlier I had asked Billasaurus if he fancied getting it on with Gene Simmons, whilst I posed on the bed provocatively.

Billasaurus is the most patient man Ive ever met but even that was too far for him.

KISStastic! (Please ignore my teeth, I got black face paint stuck in my braces. Yup.)

My hilarious sister Chelle and her husband Ben

My Dad went as a kitchen drawer

Billasaurus Rex and myself

As always, shit got kind of messy towards the end of the night
 It's almost my birthday, and I'm thinking themes for my 25th. Let's take a trip down memory lane costume party wise...

Being a gremlin at Soundwave....

Bizarrely green tinged pirate wench...

Queen of Hearts on NYE... (also the Queen of Drunk Eyes)

Imagine my embarassment when I arrived to the S party and found two other Sailor Moons, who had purchased beautiful costumes from the Internet. I had just sewed some random shit on to a bonds singlet and painted over my eyelids. Oh the shame. And inconvenient having to close your eyes all night in photos, lol.

Witch costume...funnily enough this one matched my personality the most, lol.

...Wow. And that's only in the past 12 months!

Any suggestions for a theme for my 25th? Something a little bit 'out there'?


  1. your sailor moon costume is awwessssme! We did a superhero and villains party which was fun, or you could do a hollywood theme or uniforms?

    1. The eyes are perfect hahaha

    2. Lol thankyou. The first time I read your comment I thought you suggestes a UNICORN party, which is a fantastic one! Hard to explain why you are having one, but I guess does anyone need a reason to be a unicorn? Lol.
      Ive just been to a Hollywood themed one...but uniforms/unicorns has potential!

  2. I like the Queen of Hearts costume :-)

    My family loves costume parties, we've had 70s and 80s themes, Superhero, 'last 50 years' (which included the 70s and 80s but was for my dad turning 50 so more significant).

    My sister had a 'Peter Pan' themed party, meant indians, pirates, fairies and lost boys. She was of course, Tinkerbell (her favourite of all time). This was her 21st by the way.

    I get bored of 'letter of the outfit' themed parties, but I did have fun dressing up as Fairy Floss for an F one once...glued stuffing all over a shirt and spray painted it hot pink!

    I think for your birthday you need to find some that is so 'you'.

    You could have a Japanese themed party? Would mean you could incorporate your recent trip an themed food?

    1. Thankyou! It was the only time Ive ever 'cheated' and purchased one online.
      I like the sound of the 'last 50 years' party. FAIRY FLOSS? That is the best thing ever. You spray painted yourself, thats dedication!
      Japan is genius- you are a party wizard!

  3. LOVE the costumes, you put in sooo much effort. My poor sis had a dress up party last year and only 3 people did. Love your dad's one too haha

    1. Thanks! Your poor sister, I would be devastated. But I think you made up for it with your Batman themed gift wrapping :)

  4. Love the costumes and love how much effort you put into them!!!

    Japanese theme would be pretty awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, arigato for your suggestion :) See what I did there. Im lame.

  5. Haha, I just wanted to comment and say that your costumes are awesome!! Fancy dress parties are definitely so much fun, but :( to the party-poopers who don't put in much effort!

    1. Thanks Joan! I agree, its really not hard to even wear a silly hat.

  6. Fancy dress parties are my favourite kind of party. My (very large, extended) family always go 100% all out, and I've started spreading the trend to my bf's family and all of our friends to, mwahaha!

    Some never-fail favourites are:
    - Bad taste party. The costumes people rock up in provide endless entertainment!
    - 'Around the World'; dressing up in different national dress/country stereotypes
    - 90s - that would have been the decade you have most memories of growing up
    - My bf had a Fictional Characters themed party for his 21st, which was great as it was broad enough for people to have plenty of options, but you could still go really obscure

    My 21st was "A Night in Paris", so I think that if you do Japan themed it can definitely work! We had a giant Effiel Tower in the backyard and everything. So many mimes...


    1. CJ, thankyou!
      Your 21st sounds like it was a great night, I love that you even had the Effiel Tower!
      I really like the idea of Around The World.

  7. Wow, your costumes are super impressive! I like the idea of coming as your childhood hero.

    1. Thanks! It's all in the face paint- paint yourself green and people think youve put much more effort in than you actually have.

  8. There's an award waiting for you here :)


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