Sunday, 13 May 2012

I'm kreativ, this is evidence.

Thankyou to the ever wonderful Ms Jelena, who has awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award.
Why should you visit Ms Jelena's blog? She is very funny, posts much more regularly than I do, and knows her way around a manicure. Occasionally she also posts photos of hot shirtless men, which I dont complain about. (I'm sure her page views just went WAY up with that information, lol)

In order to receive this award I must share 7 little facts about myself. Didn't you know nothing in life is free? :)

1. When I was 9, my Mum took me to the local park with her friends and their kids. This park is pure magic- there are lakes and geese, ducks and pelicans. (I still get really into it when I go there now, 15 years later) Mum gave me about 3 slices of bread and told me to wait near the lake whilst she hurried the other kids along. (In hindsight Mum- good one, I could have drowned. Can you call DOCS retrospectively?)
I didnt know quite what the bread was for, but being the fat kid I was, I was hungry. Besides- isnt that what bread was for, eating?
Mum came back with the other kids having promised them they would all get a turn to feed the ducklings. She stopped short and everyone stares at me, with narrow eyes, and I can tell my Mum is embarassed. Her friend (who incidentally is a major bitch) gets super hysterical and tells me that there will be no feeding of the ducks now because I have ruined it, and now all the little duckies will have to go to bed without any dinner and might get sick!
Because I was 9, I believed her and the whole night lay awake thinking about the poor ducks that were going to die all because I have an unnatural obsession with white bread!

2. I am a recent Kindle owner and CANNOT.STOP.BUYING.BOOKS.
This might be ok if I was limiting them to the ebook variety, but I havent let up my habit of buying books and turning up at garage sales early in the morn with a deranged look on my face in the pursuit of musty literature.

3. Uni makes me feel really old (at ripe old age of 24). I went to uni determined to not be 'that' mature aged student who knows all the answers and wants to share them, but seriously, as a MA student when a tutor is in front of the class and the 18yos are leaving her hanging, they will ALWAYS call on me. And my favourite is when you are assigned a group for a project and the 18yo's look at me expectantly, like I have got it all figured out and they can coast by and receive a HD by just being in my group. GAHH. Rant over.

4. I have the travel bug well and truly. Any tips on how to get my boyfriend to come with me this time, and preferably think it was his own idea?

5. I just joined a gym, for the 7,582,231 time in my life. They say 7 million, five hundred and eighty-two thousand, two hundred and thirty one times a charm, don't they? I'll celebrate when I actually attend.

6. The first ever concert I went to was to see Good Charlotte at Festival Hall when I was 16. I begged my older sister to take me, or else my olds wouldnt let me go. I wore my best baby punk outfit (you bet your ass there were safety pins and a studded belt) and to this day I wouldn't object to a Madden brothers sandwhch. I later moved on to more hardcore punk tastes, but kept my secret attraction to the twins. Benji's my personal flavour, but I wouldnt kick either of them out of the bed.

7. I lost a friend last year- (she's still alive, that sounded weird- like she had passed on or I left her on top of my car and drove off, losing her) because she got fake engaged- YES. She was eloping to Vegas, so I threw her a Vegas themed hens party, organised gifts from myself and others, took the day off work to pamper her, and turns out she was never getting married and or engaged at all.

I havent tagged anyone- this is an open tagfest. Want this award? Take it! Go on, you know you want to.
Except for you George, you've had enough. (And now the duckies will go hungry!!!)

Evidently i'm delirious, and not fit for blogging. 


  1. the duck thing.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    And fake engaged? really? who does that

  2. HAHAHAHA you are hilarious!!! Let's see how many readers the shirtless men will bring to my blogyard :D

    The duck story is so cute! I have the same problem with the books! To be fair, I do read them all, so I guess it's ok :) And number 7 is funny and wtf at the same time! What a weirdo!

  3. Haha! That thing with the bread sounds exactly like something I would've done as a child. Luckily, I never did! Especially since my mum used to bring stale/frozen bread to the park to feed the ducks.

    Fake engaged?! Just for a present grab? That's insane.

  4. my first concert was also Good Charlotte. Went to the sydney show when I was 16 (in 2003). Looking back, it was a very cute experience. While heaps has changed since then, I too, remain partial to the Madden brothers. And, as you so splendidly stated: "would not kick either of them out of bed". laughing.



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