Thursday, 3 May 2012

Winner Winner... Nailpolish for dinner?!

Just before I left the country, I got the marvellous news that I had won a prize!

The lovely Aly from LaLa Land had a giveaway to celebrate achieving 50 followers, and a very generous one at that.

I love reading Aly's blog- she is a teacher ( what I am studying to be) has had all kinds of wonderful travels, is head over heels in love, and has fierce eyebrows. (What can I say, I appreciate eyebrows.)

The best part was that I had completely forgotten about winning in the frantic activity that was my last minute travel organisation ( I prefer for things to be done at the last nanosecond, or that's what I tell myself) and came home to a little package and a thoughtful handwritten note!

I'm looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea, admiring my goodies, and trying China Glaze for the first time.

Thank-you Aly!


  1. So glad they got to you! And thanks for the ridiculously kind words!

  2. I love Aly's blog too!!! She's awesome!! And congrats on your win! xx

    1. and to add, an award is waiting for you here, but I'm expecting some posts in return. Pretty, please? :) x

  3. YAY for winning stuff!

    Although don't eat the nailpolish for dinner. It might not taste very good!


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