Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gotye Roadrage On

I found this pic on facebook, and it is KILLING ME.

Even driving to uni, I kept picturing Gotye's face on every random driver.

Ive got the silent laughs on- you know, the one where you screw your face up, clutch your stomach and rock back and forward, laughing so hard you dont even make a noise?

Love it when something tickles your funny bone so badly!

What makes you feel like you are going to stop breathing, you laughed so hard?



    I get random fits of laughter when I remember stuff and it's so bad, but then I pull my phone out and pretend I'm laughing at something - looks less weird :D

    Laughing so hard you don't make a noise reminded me of this pic: :D x

  2. Hehehehe, love it!

    I'm an inappropriate moment laugher. It's rather inconvenient!


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