Friday, 25 May 2012


Thank-you to all of you who read, commented or sent your silent support through to me after my post on Things Im Afraid to Tell You. To be honest I came very close to not posting, and there were about 10 other things on that list that I chickened out on and deleted, lol.

I would not have ever spoken to anyone I know 'in real life' about any of that. Except maybe my lack of fashion sense, because that is quite obvious.

Once again, thankyou.

And yes, I have booked an appointment to see my Dr :)

I shall leave you with this picture of happy, cuddling otters.

Source: Cute Overload


  1. Hurray! I think the fear of the doctor visit is probably worse than the actual visit!

    Blogging is very therapeutic isn't it :)

    love those otters x

  2. I'm glad you posted it. Real things happen to real people.

  3. Fantastic! It's just wonderful to see strangers can have this positive influence.

    I did post a comment on your Things I'm Afraid to Tell You Post, but I can't seem to see where it went. :(

    Sending virtual hugs :)


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