Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentines for the Practical Man

Source: Red Bubble

What to get for the manly man on Valentines Day?

Coathangers? Jumper cables? A torch? A David Bowie DVD when he isnt particularly a fan?

(All of the above I have actually received as VD presents at some stage.)

I came across this little gem randomly when online today- the iBottleopener.

Source: iBottleopener

Billasaurus Rex has just upgraded to an iPhone, after having a dinosaur (heh!) of an old nokia forever.

I bought this as a start on his VD pressie- something small and not flashy, but hopefully he will still appreciate it!

Basically the back slides out to be a bottle opener, without the bottle actually being in contact with your iPhone. BR loves a good gadget, and this of course aligns with his love affair with beer.

Billasaurus is what most people would desribe as a "manly man". He loves camping, hiking, kayaking, beer drinking, playing pool and spending time with the boys.

How we ever managed to bump into each other is a miracle, because thats so not me. Lol!

He is also quite blunt- I will never forget the WTF look on his face when I bought him Diesel cologne for our first Christmas. He smiled at me half-heartedly and placed it on his shelf.

It has been in that same exact spot for over 12 months now!

Hopefully I dont fail as spectacularly this year.

Etsy is a treasure trove of funny little cards:
Source: Etsy (sweetperversion)

Source: Etsy (JulieAnnArt)
Source: Etsy (JulieAnnArt)

What will you be buying your significant other/friend/self this Valentines Day?


  1. I made hubby a coupon book, something small as usual on Valentine's Day

  2. lol i love all your post, always crack me up! i'm having the same dilemma right now, i dunno what to get.

    1. Thanks kerker, the feeling is mutual!
      Yeah who knows what else I will get BR?!

  3. Those etsy cards are hilarious!

    I am thinking of getting my partner some radio remote controlled Mario Kart cars! He's a big kid at heart.

  4. Arent they? I think im going to order the last one.
    I giggled at the thought of a grown man with Mario Kart cars before I realised 'HOLY SHIT THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!'


  5. Hey I love the last Etsy card you found! I actually sent an Etsy card to my boyfriend. At the front there's a picture of Charles Darwin saying "My, You're a Fine Specimen" which was hilarious! Ahh gotta love Etsy. :D

    1. That's a good one! I'll have to save it for next year ;)


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