Saturday, 18 February 2012

Solo Saturday Night

I spent last night alone. Before you put on that song ALL BY MYSEEEELLLLLLFFFF and fish me out some Kleenex, this was my choice.

There were contributing factors-

1) My work in its infinite wisdom underpaid me. By roughly 15 hours. That's one hell of a paycut. When I asked about it, they apologised and said they would add the withheld pay until my next pay. Thanks?

2) Billasaurus Rex has been taking part in a challenge with his friends for a Alcohol Free Month. He is a typical tradie, who before the challenge enjoyed a beer every night before he knocked off. Not so for the last month! This month has covered not only Australia Day, but also his best mates 30th Birthday. Today is the day it ends, and he is having a night with the boys.


7.00pm- Yeah! A night by myself! I'm so self sufficient, such a strong independent woman. I don't need no man!

7.01pm- Wonder what Billasaurus is doing? Might send a text.

7.05pm- My mind is racing with the plethora of activities I can get up to tonight! I could learn to sew! I could repaint my chest of drawers! I could get around to that giant pile of clothes to go on ebay! I am a super efficient task machine!

7.06pm- Well I cant do any of this on an empty stomach. I'm going to the supermarket.

7.15pm- I can make myself something actually nice, rather than just exist on hommus and crackers. Gather wild aborio rice, organic chicken, a variety of mushrooms, cream, parmesan and a nice bottle of white wine.

7.30- Cannot be fucked. Dump shopping basket, and collect hommus and crackers. Feel slight shame. Rent movie- Jane Eyre. Feeling very cultured and sophisticated.

7.45- At home. Assess bedroom/workspace. Will not do. Not enough room for activities. Must clean room and then get straight on to activities!

7.50- 8pm- Tidy this, dust that

8.01- Oh! I could rearrange my nailpolishes.

8.04- Now time to paint! It only makes sense to do so before I pack it all away.

8.10- I know im supposed to be doing something with my cuticles, but what exactly?

8.11- This looks like shit. Remove.

8.17- Repaint.

8.30- OK! Back into the room cleaning! Fiddle around with scarves and whatnot.

9- Lets put Jane Eyre on whilst I work. Absorbing culture!

9.05- Jane Eyre never finds its way into the DVD player. Put Clueless in, its sitting besides the player anyway. Is not the first time I have watched it this week.

9.15- I wonder what my friends are doing? I'm such a loser. I'm at home on a Saturday night! I'm the worst 24 year old in the world, wah wah. I have no friends!

9.20- Remember I was invited to go to the pub with friends, but I declined.

9.21- Resume cleanup so I can BEGIN ACTIVITIES!

9.25- Come across some wooden pegs and some magnets. Lightbulb! I could create some fancy decorated pegs for my magnetic board, to organise my calendar, photos, important uni dates etc!

9.30- Create giant mess on unmade bed of wooden pegs, PVA glue, acrylic paint, silver glitter, magnet off cuts, and silver wire

10.30- Proudly place pegs on magnetic board. Glance at TV- Cher is showing her super organised wardrobe

11.30- Clueless over. Back to cleaning, so I can do activities.

11.35- Dump all drawers on bed, for ease of reorganising. Almost time for activites!

12- Look at bed. Realise its messier than it was before I started my cleaning mission.

12.01- Sadly realise there will be no activities. Pick some PVA glue off my sheets.

12.05- Abandon ship. Close door firmly, and sleep in spare room.


    I'm alone most friday nights and i love it. I have so many plans but do absolutely nothing!

  2. That's what I call a killer Friday night. I especially love the 3 minutes organising polish and ditching Jane for Cher - sounds like something I'd do ;)

  3. PVA glue off bed. :) hahahh.. I usually watch trashy crap on TV. But if Hubby is alone at home, he does the kitchen cleanup. Double standards!

  4. Your posts always make me laugh :D I gave you an award on my blog. Click here for info :)



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