Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tiny Tidbits

Thank you for your lovely feedback on the story of how Billasaurus Rex and I met. It's really cool to hear from others that our initial awkwardness is in hindsight a bit of a giggle.

We kept it pretty low key on V-Day. Billasaurus called me in the morning when I was at work and started just chatting as per normal. I thought he had forgotten V-Day- just like last year. He asked me what was going on at the back of my building at work. Our building is undergoing renos at the moment so I thought nothing of popping out the back.

And there Billasaurus was, grinning like a madman, holding these-

Two of my obnoxious male team members were outside having a cigarette, going OOOOOOHHHH and SOMEONES SUCKING UP!! Not only do they heckle every moment at work, now they are beginning on my relationship.

BR had such a happy, proud smile on his face when he was holding those flowers. He even rang me at work later on to find out if he was still the best boyfriend in the office, or had someone else gotten flowers too? Lol. I overheard him later telling my family about the flowers, then his family, then my friends.

'Twas very cute. Does anyone elses partner get so happy with themselves when they do a lovely boyfriend gesture?

That night BR asked me to pick any restaurant to go to for dinner. I decided on Mexican takeaway and Sons of Anarchy episodes- I dont think I have ever seen him so relieved. Dude likes a good night on the couch.

He loved his pressie (the iBottle Opener) and as we speak is showing it off to his man-friends over a beer (or two.)

I found these little treasures at my chemist on sale. I didnt even know they stocked these? I think they may have just been to a CCO or a warehouse sale. OPI was $12 and the lipglaze was $10.

There was a small selection of OPI- probably five shades in total. There was only one choice in the Stila Lip Glaze, but this one is perfect. I love peach coloured makeup, suits my pale colouring.

The colours are

OPI on Collins Ave and
Suzi & The Lifeguard

Stila Lipglaze in Peach

I bought this little dress from Pumpkin Patch for my beautiful little niece Ella. She's 3 weeks old and still in her tiny little 0000's- some of which still are too big!

Happy Weekend! x


  1. What a romantic man you have, he's definitely a keeper! Ignore your colleagues, deep down they're just jealous that you and you bf have such a good relationship!

    And great score from the pharmacy :-D

  2. Awwwww nice Valentine's Day surprise!
    Love the Pumpkin Patch dress, it's adorable


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