Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Ive got alot of jewellery. The bulk of it is not particularly beautiful though- in the past ive gone for the 'More is more!' style of jewellery accruing and so have bought up big at Lovisa, Diva, Collette and the like. Cheap and cheerful, just like me. Wait? -_-

I have a few nice pieces but have found myself lately wanting a few more bits and bobs that wont break after one wear *cough Diva* but wont cost me an arm and a leg *every other fine jewellery place in the world*.

This morning I was reading a new update from MrsB at The Wifey Chronicles who not only alerted me to a new site Popetto (I'm sure everyone else is already all over it by now, im slow on the uptake) but they currently have a discount code for Valentines Day for 50% off everything!

Love it- not 50% of the dodgy sales stock like a lot of places do, but 50% off EVERYTHING. I purchased over $80 worth, so shipping was free too!

I bought the following-

Source: Popetto

There were some great Karen Walker skull rings and necklaces that I was so close to getting- but most screamed 'HEY IM WEARING A SKULL RING. Hey guy across the road innocently buying a sandwich- SKKUULLLL RIIINNNNNNG'

I already own two of the afore mentioned giant skull rings. Enough already.

This one is great because its a little bit punk rock, but not over the top and still subtle enough to wear with anything. It was originally only $20 (which I still would have paid) but I got it for only $10.

Source: House of Harlow from Popetto

I'm a bit late on the House of Harlow bandwagon. I  eyed off the gold starburst necklaces when they first came out, and uhhmmed and ahhed over the black and gold starburst rings forever.

I dont wear alot of gold, but would like to have a nice and simple bracelet that I can dip my feet into the gold waters. (Does that sentence remind anyone else of the Charlize Theron J'Adore ads?!)

Loving the Aztec design. Wish I could afford an Hermes Clic Clac!

Source: Kikada Jones for Disney Couture at Popetto

My nickname as a child, was always Cinderella. Sometimes with a Rockafella tacked on the end.
At some stage in Primary School I decided I hated that nickname with a passion. (God knows why, it could have been a hell of a lot worse!)

I have embraced the name as I have gotten older. I have fond memories of reading the book and watching the Disney movie as a little girl, claiming the blonde beauty in the movie was 'me.' (A blonde, gorgeous woman who goes to a ball, has a fairy godmother who turns pumpkins into carriages and wins the prince in the end? The closest my brunette chubby self could relate was that I also had a stepsister, although she isnt evil in the slightest.)

I also love the look of the Tiffany key necklaces, but hadnt quite taken the plunge on purchasing one.

This necklace came down to only $60- I cant wait to wear it!

The whole lot was only $130. Smart move with the discount code Popetto- now I know about you I am sure I will spend much more than what I saved today in the future!


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    1. Thanks kerker, will post back once it is received!

  2. Nice choices, especially the Harlow bangle, it's so versatile

  3. I'd never heard of this site. Thanks. I am off to check it out.

  4. LOVE the skull ring, I love skulls on jewellery (but subtle ones! I had a giggle at the guy across the street buying a sandwich seeing your ring!), I'm so going to check out this website! x

  5. Oh no! I saw MrsB's post, but avoided the link as I don't want to spend money. After seeing your post, I think I will have to head on over because some of those choices are so cute! I adore the Disney Couture range!


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