Monday, 6 February 2012


I am an organisational nightmare. The days I actually read my mail, I feel so smug and self-righteous I dont read it again for another 3 days.

My clothes drawers? Oh dear.

There is one that I physically cant even open, such it is jammed with clothes. Ive almost decided to leave it closed, like some kind of clothes time capsule or weird gift to myself.

My lingerie/every day knickers/bras/hosiery/socks/pyjamas/scarves drawers were looking pretty horrendous. (I think the problem may have been that I was jamming all of the above into two very small spots!)

So in a fit of organisation, I sourced these babies from ebay:

It's not the best photo, but does document my new endeavour to have a drawer where unmentionables dont fly out at me!

These are foldable, and the material is nice and light with perforations- so your bits and pieces can breathe. They fold down completely flat, and have a slightly thicker base which zips in to keep the whole thing nice and strong.

Im pretty happy with my new little storage system, and for $20 odd dollars including shipping from South Korea, what more can I want?

New knickers and bras to fill it up!


  1. Oohh that's a great idea, I've never seen these before!

    I'm generally pretty tidy and organised but I can't for the life of me keeps draws tidy. My underwear drawer in particular is a shambles. I might have to look in to these! x

    1. What is it about drawers that are the last to be organised? For me, I think its because I can cram them shut and ignore whats lurking inside.

  2. ebay is awesome lol I only go for items which have free shipping even though i may have to wait 2 weeks.

  3. Haha Sounds familiar! I am the most disorganised person EVER! Liam has been on my back at me for ages to clean up the bedroom, because he is sick of clothes blocking the cupboards and drawers. Whoops!

    Hope these help you keep it all in order! x

    1. Ih thank goodness there is another person the same, I was beginning to worry that people were judging my crazy lack of organisational skills and I was the only one who existed!


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