Monday, 9 January 2012

Watch This

Do you wear a watch?

Ive just realised I havent worn one in years.

Watches are such a personal thing, and I find them quite hard to choose.

The watch I wore everyday for 6 years was very special to me- My ex bought it with his first ever paycheck, and it used up every last cent. It's not because the watch was ridiculously expensive, but we were 18 and he had earnt that money in the first week of his apprenticeship.

When we broke up I stopped wearing it.

My second watch was my Nana's. She died in 2008, and the watch found its way to me. It hasnt worked since goodness knows when, it pinches my arm hairs and is uncomfortable on my wrist, its got dust in the crevices probably older than I am, its yellow gold when I normally wear white, and Im pretty sure its not worth anything.

I absolutely adore it.

I used to steal glances at it when I was a little girl, watching my Nana pour my tea into a cup and saucer. I felt so grown up!

Im on the hunt for a new watch. Something thats not flashy (although if I was gifted a Dior VIII I would have to accept it!), expensive, chunky, or out there.

So a question for my (modest amount of) readers:
What do you do with jewellery from an ex? Do you wear it and just see it as a pretty piece, or are you constantly reminded of your old relationship? Do you pop it in your drawer to gather dust, or even sell?


  1. I have a little heart pendant (yellow and white gold) with a little diamond in it from an ex. The relationship was complicated and doomed from the start (different religions) and we are still good friends so I don't have any problem wearing it, neither does my boyfriend (who's also friends with the ex). Other pieces from other exes I have held onto over the years but I don't wear them because I never liked the pieces much in the first place. Will always hold onto them though, feel like I should.

  2. I think its sweet your new boyfriend doesnt mind you wearing it, just shows he is not insecure at all! Im umming and ahhing about throwing some jewellery out but would hate to regret it... perhaps just a shuffle to the back of the jewellery case is in order!

  3. I have had horrible exes so I had no problem throwing away everything they gave me straight after we broke up haha.
    I had a Guess watch from one of them and handed it cash converters for $30 so I can buy credit to call my new boyfriend (now husband)


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