Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Brace Yourself.

After two, almost three, years of being a brace face, metal mouth, train tracks, nerdlinger and a doofus (that last one had nothing to do with my braces, I just kinda am one) I AM BRACES FREE!

I had horrendous teeth as a teen. Alot of people that now have perfect teeth blabber on about how bad their teeth used to be- but please, I beseech you please- believe me when I say mine were quite the lookers.

Protruding from my mouth, and resting on my lower lip from when I first got teeth, were two giant PK sized buck teeth. Just popping out to say 'allo. Or rather, yellow, as the case may have been.

I hated photos, I hated mirrors, I hated those stupid beaver teeth with a passion. Over time though, they had become just part of 'me', and I had just accepted them. (As much as any insecurity riddled teen can, who already has frizzy curls, a monobrow and is chubby to boot)

My parents had 7 kids. Yes- that shit be crazy.

Unfortunately for me, (and my older sister, who was blessed with the same teeth as I) braces were just not a financial option for us.

Fast forward to 2008 and here I was, with my first real "grown up" job at the age of 21. I had just lost a bunch of weight, and a friend of mine had gotten braces and now her teeth were AMAZING. I thought I'd go for a consult, look at the price, faint, then give up on that idea (like i tend to do with most of my ideas, heh)

Once I found out they offered payment plans, BAM. I had those babies slapped on quicker than you could imagine. Im glad too, if I had of known how much they freaking hurt I might have changed my mind!

So now here I am, with straight teeth, no more of those stupid tiny spiral brushes designed to get stray bits of food goo out of my teeth (if you think thats gross, try eating a sandwhich and dealing with bread in your braces), constantly running my tongue over my teeth because they feel SO DAMN SMOOTH! And straight!

I wont be posting a photo just yet. They need to be whitened desperately, and unfortunately I have two fillings to be done in those tricky spots where my teeth used to be all higgedy-piggedy and crossed over, which now straightened are quite obvious.

Pics coming soon!

But just imagine- soon I will be able to smile AND SHOW MY TEETH! I have been doing the catbum pursed lipped smile forever!

In the meantime, you can ogle Gwen in her pink haired, braced glory. I love that she got the braces and thought 'Fuck it, im going all out', and didnt try to blend in or make them less noticeable.


  1. I probably could have done with braces as a kid - but surprisingly my dentist was of the belief that 'teeth weren't meant to look like a picket fence'. Lol. I think I worry more about the lack of whiteness of my teeth. But I can't be bothered getting them done. Maybe one day I will be a Hollywood star and just get them capped? :)

    1. What a genuinely honest dentist- not only is he right, but how many dodgy ones would just slap braces on them to get your money?

  2. Replies
    1. Oh there was some definite YAY moments- namely when I almost crashed the car on the way home because I was too busy staring at my teeth in the rearview mirror. Eeep ^_^

  3. Yay for no more braces :) Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    Was wondering if when you're bored and needing post inspiration, whether you could do a post on the whole braces price and procedure? I'm seriously considering them and want to know what I could be in for!

    1. What a FANTASTIC idea. Have started a draft, keep your eyes peeled!


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