Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Heres a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall...

Necklace: Polli from Goose

Theres a little store in my suburb that is full of little treasures, and I poke around every chance I get.

It's called Goose, and the team who run it have impeccable taste. The jewellery is always off-beat and interesting- but usually way out of my budget.

Before Christmas I popped in and eyed off a laser cut necklace. I peeked at the tag and decided that $70 was too expensive for a litle necklace like that, it wouldnt go with anything, cue all rational decisions to persuade myself out of buying something that a week before Christmas in a family as large as mine, I simply couldnt afford.

Fast forward to Christmas Day, and my Mum (who can be quite hit and miss in the old pressie department, but I always treasure her presents nevertheless!) is watching me open my present from her. Imagine my surprise when I opened a gift voucher to that cute little store, for the EXACT amount that I needed for the necklace! My Mum must be stalking my thoughts, because I hadnt told anyone about the necklace. (Oh god, I hope she isnt stalking my thoughts.)

I practically skipped through the doors.

The Polli website is listed above, and is fantastic. There are heaps of other designs, and I was glad to see they are made from stainless steel, not some unknown metallic flimsy plastic alot of similar looking necklaces are.

I wore my new necklace proudly to work today, and the only comment came from my clueless male team member who asked-

"Did you get that from *Nearby Restaurant*? Is it a souveir like how Hogs Breath sell that weird hog? It really looks like *Nearby Restaurant*."

Uh, no.


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