Saturday, 21 January 2012


In a mere 10 weeks time I will be landing in the land of the rising sun- Japan!

I hadnt realised it was so soon- HOLY SHIT.

Its time to confess- I am an organisational nightmare. Even that dude from Oprah would think I am a lost cause. I just....planning just doesnt mesh well with me. Or it does- for one evening. The next morning, feeling smug and self satisfied, I go back to ignoring my schedule and being all over the shop.


Sorry to shout- that was really just at myself to get my butt into gear.

And so whilst I go off and make preparations, I have gathered together some inspirational pics in celebration of my impending trip!

A maiko in her finery...I hope to do a tour in Kyoto where I will be dressed in traditional costume and taken on a rickshaw ride through the cobbled streets.

Japanese hot springs, an onsen. These look amazing- but am I brave enough to get my kit off like is required?! Have Japanese seen fat people other than Sumo?!

I feel if im over there, to plan a trip without going to Tokyo Disneyland would be remiss.

Oh, wow. Just, wow. (I know, I'm tremendously articulate)

Tokyo Fish Markets. Apparently you need to be there at the crack of dawn (so maybe I wont go to bed after a late night karaoke session!) but its worth it to see the huge functional fish markets. And after that I can buy the worlds freshest sushi from the market stalls surrounding!

I couldnt talk about Japan without mentioning Fujisan (Mt Fuji) and sakura (cherry blossom)! I am lucky enough that the cherry blossoms will be in season during my trip.

And now for some: WTF Japan? Photos-

I do love a good mammary scarf.

Whilst not entirely as fashionable as those girls and boys at Harajuku, as a messy eater I can see the benefit in this!

And so im off, lets get this trip sorted!

Question: Whats your number one travel tip?


  1. Oh, so envious! Husboy and I got married in Japan almost 2 years ago during Sakura season and it just blows my mind! It's the most incredible place and yes DisneyLand and DisneySea (especially DisneySea) are MUSTS!

    Kinkokuji is still my background on all of my computers, it's absolutely astounding. ARGH you're so lucky!!

    If you get to go to Osaka, do - we spent a week and a bit there because I fell in love with it so much, and Hiroshima is stunning at that time of year too (and utterly heartwrenching)...

    So so lucky!!

    1. I stalked your blog about Japan Aly, hope you dont mind! Lol.

      I am going to Osaka for 3 nights, and cannot wait. Only doing one night in Hiroshima though (Im thinking however selfish this sounds maybe only one night doing war history stuff will be enough).

      I was going to give DisneySea a miss- now im second guessing! Would I need one full day for each?

    2. We did one full day (and well into the night) for each, however I'd never been to either. B had been to both (Land quite a few times in the Us / Japan, etc. and he loved it just as much as I did!

      The light parades killed me!

      No, we only did one or two nights in Hiroshima - as long as you head to the museums and the gardens etc. you're fine!

  2. Oh wow I'm so jealous! I'm actually going travelling as well in about 10 weeks (not Japan unfortunately), but it seems so far away!

    1. Where to Louisa? (Sorry I did try to find on your blog but I must be blind!)

  3. Don't freak out, I promise you will have the most amazing time! The husband and I went there twice last year and I cannot rave about it more - the people, the culture, the sights = AMAZE! We dont speak any Japanese between us and had no problems as long as you're patient and willing to approach strangers. We did DisneySea instead of Land as we had both been to DL California - loved it! Also, the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto really is that beautiful. Make sure you take the time for a day trip to Nara from Kyoto - we almost didn't do this but it was one of our fave experiences and the Buddha is pretty awe-inspiring. Hope you enjoy every second of your trip X

    1. RealEstateGirl thankyou for setting my mind at ease, I was having such a WTF HAVE I DONE moment! I have been stalking your blog for Japan posts :) Im really looking forward to the food in Osaka, geisha makeover in Kyoto (I know, im lame!) and am bursting out of my skin for Disneyland. Thanks for the tip about Nara, I was on the fence and have now included it on my itinerary. Im so lucky you commented!

  4. Gorgeous.. I would love to go to Japan. Working for Japanese managers you would think they would fly me over by now. LOL


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