Monday, 30 January 2012

Giant 24hrs Externally


I love a good music festival. Let's face it- I would even love a bad music festival. The crowds, happy strangers to be met, fantastic vibe, new music discoveries, old favourite performers, the food, the dusty sweaty train ride home....

Did I say I love music festivals?

Cruisy crowd view from our hill

The day started with the way we always begin a festival- the traditional pancake and punch breakfast. Oh yes, there was Passion Pop.

I was very much hoping to catch Frenzal Rhomb's gig- unfortunately we didnt quite make it in time. No big deal, ive seen them a million times before. They are cheesy, goofy, and bring me back to being 15 years old and they were the first remotely alternative band I had ever seen live. I was in awe! Oddly enough I have had a weird attraction for guys with dreadlocks ever since.

In case of getting lost, just find that sign

I ended up catching The Getaway Plan, Bluejuice, My Chemical Romance, Soundgarden, Hilltop Hoods, Boy & Bear, Faker, Cage The Elephant, Art vs Science, Kasabian, Kanye West and of course The Living End.

The lineup was a bit haphazardly timetabled....I was hoping to see Girl Talk despite me not really being crazy into DJ's, im much more of a rock girl. I stumbled across some of GT's mixes and now they are my housework jams.

Unfortunately Girl Talk was on at the same time as Kasabian- brutal. I made the decision to see Kasabian, and am so glad because they were FANTASTIC.

I suppose Girl Talk will sound much the same on my iPod as it would have live.

My bag for the day- not only does it hold everything including the kitchen sink, but it was quite fitting for the occasion

It was a very, very hot day.

Flemington Race Course doesnt have very much shade at all, and the hot sun bore into our skin all day. Suprisingly, this year I didnt burn myself to a crisp.

I highly recommend the Banana Boat aerosol sunscreen, im converted.

On a day like yesterday theres only one thing you can do: Embrace the sweaty, dirty mess you have become.

I renamed myself Sweaty Betty. My fake tanner even reacted beautifull with my sweat to create a gungy tan pool. Embrace- you have no other choice. Lol
Let's talk about Kanye.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.

Full disclosure: I'm not a big Kanye fan. Although, I was a huge fan of the 'IMMA LET YOU FINISH' Taylor Swift debacle. Hilarous.

I thought Kanye would be the perfect act to see last, have a boogie to the odd ones I knew (Gold Digger came out when I was only just 18 and hitting the local clubs and does hold sentimental party value to me), and chill before stampeding with the other 1000's to get on the train.

I appreciate his stage presence and costume changes. I thought the ballet dancers pirouetting around him were a nice touch. Even the odd interpretive dancers inside the white sheet werent too much.

He is the most self indulgent, arrogant (although of course that isnt a suprise), self involved performer I have ever seen. Im not saying he doesnt care about his fans- he spent a good 5 mins touching hands in the front row before he even sang one song.

He started songs again, forgot the words and replaced them with DUBBA DUBBA DUBBA GOLDDIGGER, and worst of all played a whole series of auto-tune, low tempo songs in a row that even the crowd members that were fans got bored of.

In between songs he would talk intently about some woman who had cheated on him and being unlucky in love. Im not talking 2 mins in between songs. He spoke for so long at one point, a huge portion of the crowd simply walked away. They werent even holding out for his big hits because his mini-speeches were so God-awful.

Then he perked up and played his more popular hits, Stronger, Runaway and Heartless. The crowd dance up a dust storm and then...he started talking again.

The group I was with had 3 hardcore fans and even they didnt want to stay, it just felt awkward. Even 30 mins later when leaving the event we could STILL HEAR HIM MUMBLING AND RAVING into the microphone!

I like to picture him still there, with Big Day Out having been packed up around him.

He will get an awful shock come Spring Racing Carnival time.

ETA: Oh! Someone who knows stuff about music agrees!

I appreciated this chap's backpack. Zombies!

My friend P on the left, and myself on the right in my sweaty moon-faced glory

My best friend P bought her boyfriend to a gig with us for the first time.

They argued ALL DAY. About everything. Loudly.

I hooked her up with some corn on the cob- it seemed to help.

Whilst storming off from P's boyfriend, we stumbled across the perfect festival spot. It was later in the evening, I had procured some Yum Cha and multiple icy glasses of Vodka and V, and we not only had shade but wait for it... DECK CHAIRS.

I really didnt have anything to storm anywhere about, but one has to be supportive of their friends endeavours. Even if it includes an occasional storm.

It was around this time I began to worry I may never be able to get out of the afore mentioned deck chairs. Im sure it had NOTHING to do with the vodka. Purely coincidental.

I decided it was a good idea to leave a note on my arm for anyone who may find me.

It was all fun and games coming home on the train to Southern Cross, then another back to Geelong, getting picked up by Billasaurus from the station and raving about our day at 3am....but QUITE ANOTHER going to work at 8.30 and training a staff member who on her first day is wondering why her boss is almost falling asleep and slightly smells like booze.

I really owe the fact I have gotten through the day to this MAMMOTH bottle of iced coffee.

And finally get some precious sleep.


  1. you are brave for staying outside all day! sunday was so hot i was sitting under cover in a market and still soaked in sweat lol

    1. Oh trust me kerker if I had not have spent so much on those tickets, I would have stayed at home!

  2. Awesome pictures! I love a good festival, but haven't been to one in almost a year!

    Soundwave is my go-to festival - LOVE IT! But this year I'm going to be overseas when it's in Melbourne... devastated! :(

    1. Thanks Cat! I CANT WAIT for Soundwave, the lineup is fantastic. Im sorry you miss out, but I will post all about it if that is any miniscule consolation?!

  3. I'm in Adelaide and am still tossing up whether or not to buy tickets to the event here this Friday - it's just gotten so expensive! Usually I go but I'm not sure about the acts this year. We don't even get Kanye ... not that I even wanted to see him but it's the principle of the matter!

    Looks like you had a great day though :)

    1. It definitely has gotten expensive, especially with the token drink system. I came home with 11 tokens! Yeah its shit you dont get one of the headliners but the price doesnt go down!

  4. i had the best day!! bugger you missed girltalk it was absolutely insane! never sweated so much in my life haha. i was obviously a bit smashed by the time kanye came on because i rememeber all the songs but not his ranting that everyone keeps talkking about. haha. such good fun!! yum your food looks good i wish we'd eaten more... so so sweaty!!! xx

    1. Yeah im a bit sad about girltalk having festival lineup remorse! Glas you enjoyed!

  5. Haha, sounds like you had quite a day! I didn't go to BDO but I really wanted to!

    1. Fingers crossed you get a chance to next year Joan!


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