Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Don't judge me by my polish.

Just a quickie.

No seriously, I just had one.

I kid, I kid.

I've had BioSculpture nails for about a year and I yoyo from loving them sick, to being very tempted to buy a Luminail/Gellish/Shellac kit and do it myself.

I'm going to Soundwave tomorrow. Being the rockstar I am, I went to the salon (sounds so wanky) with a very clear idea of how I wanted my nails to look like. Which is unusual because I normally stare at the colour wheel for the whole time it takes her to shape my nails, crippled by indecision, before I finally point to a random colour and regret it immediately.

I told the nail lady and she looked at me incredulously and said, 'No. Black is a winter colour. It'll look tacky.'

Bitch please. I don't say anything about your Barbie pink with love heart feature nails mani, so time to get down off your high horse.

Too harsh?

Plus, I don't care if it's not winter yet, i'm lovin' them.

Have you ever gotten 'tude from someone in the beauty industry who you are paying? I'm not saying they should be subserviant and not have opinions, but I think if I want a particular look and want to pay for it, that she should probably just do it.



  1. Perfect sound wave colour!! Yay! X

  2. wow, awesome colour! silly nail lady, black always looks good x

  3. So silly, none of her business what colour you get! I hate some beauty peeps. When I went to get a foundation from MAC for my wedding the SA kept going on about me being too pale and that I should fake tan my face or buy a darker foundation.

  4. Black looks good. Some ppl just needa keep their opinions to themselves.

  5. Hate that about the attitude. Happens to me too. . . a lot. "Oh love, that won't look good" Pfffttt what would you know? I'm paying you, now shut up.
    The quickie bit at the beginning made me laugh out loud!

  6. Love the colour!!! Lazy blogger (me) will stalk your bloggy now! xx

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