Thursday, 7 February 2013

From Death Fat, to Less Fat?

No pleading apologies about IM SORRRYYYY IVE BEEN SO BUSY READERS, PLEASE FORGGIIIVVVVEEE MEEE because really- I'm sure I will at some point do this again, and also noones lives were adversely affected by my extreme delay in posting.

Except for mine. Missed having a little place to communicate, and having a (admittedly modest) cheer squad.

I've still been reading your blogs- oh I'm creepy like that. I turned lurker. I drew the line at anonymous comments though if it's of any comfort to you.


I'm fat. We've covered this. Death level fat. (My doctor says morbidly obese, but I have always been dramatic.)

I've been less fat in my life, and I think I was happier that way. So, I'm going to try and be less-fat again.

Enter: Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.

Ive heard alot of malarky about this thing. I like that I can follow online, and that she spells out every morsel that should be passing my lips. I am not perfect- I don't know if I can do this. But- I do know that I owe it to myself to not give up before I begin.

And so, readers- if I have any left that is- would you be interesting in coming along on a journey through space and time (Wait- I think thats The Mighty Boosh.)

Don't want to blog about it if people aren't interested. Weight loss talk can get monotonous, and eye stab inducing.

Would you be interested in coming along on my journey from Death Fat to Less Fat?


  1. Hey Cindy! Yay you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would totally follow your weight loss journey and I'm sure all your readers would be supportive! You don't have to change your blog completely into a weight loss blog, just updates... I found that when I was losing weight I blogged more because it took my mind off wanting to eat everything in sight.

    Meanwhile,I am so in the same boat as you right now. I am out of control. I have never been this big and you know you're big when your stretchiest of stretchy undies are too tight!!!

    So, here's to being "less-fat"!!

    1. Oh Missy, the stretchy undies. I feel you. And the age old dilemma- do I buy things to fit me now, even though I want to lose weight?

      Thanks for the advice re the weight loss content on the blog. I think I will have to throw myself into it or else I will throw myself into the jar of nutella in the cupboard!

      Here's to us Missy!

  2. You are bbaacckkkkk! I'm so excited I didn't read the rest of the post but I will now!

  3. Oh hai there.. death fat to less fat ... MMM sounds good. :)
    Are you really a lurker?
    I hope Michelle bridges works!

  4. Welcome back! Good on you for going for it. I'd love to hear about it all and good luck :)

  5. Hey Cindy! Yes I would definitely be interested in following your weight loss journey! I like to read that type of thing, especially since I've been on my own journey lately and finally love the way my body looks. My thighs fit in my cute stockings now, thats definitely a good thing! hehe

    Good luck with it!!!


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