Sunday, 24 February 2013

Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock

My long-suffering boyfriend (it feels weird saying boyfriend, like im a 14yo?) Billasaurus is alot of things- hilarious, patient, kind....but one thing he isn't is a planner.

In January on a random trip to the beach, he asked me if I wanted to go away for a long weekend. Quickly my mind raced to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or perhaps Cairns....

In only 10 seconds this is where my mind went when he said "weekend away"

Bill's mind was quite set on going to Woodend. What? Where on earth is Woodend?

Turns out, it's only an hour and a half from home and that Bill was dying to see Hanging Rock in the nearby Macedon Ranges, having gone there as a little kid.

So in January, I repeat JANUARY, Bill said he would plan everything.

Fast forward to this Saturday morning and we were all packed and ready to go. For weeks I had been wondering about what kind of amazing events and accommodation he had planned, but didn't dare ask and ruin the suprise.

This might I add was killing me, because I have to know everything. Lol

We arrive in Woodend, pull up at an interesting looking brewery that the sign said also had accommodation, and I thought I had it all figured out.

Until Bill turns to me and says, 'Should I have booked accommodation? It's looking pretty crowded around here.'


The following hours consisted of us driving around to all accommodation places in Woodend, and finding out there mere a multitude of weddings on in the area and something called the Harvest Picnic on at the Hanging Rock tomorrow.

We moved on to neighbouring Kyneton, where we finally found a room at a pretty dodgy motel.

It's funny- in a past life that would have really bothered me, but I have learnt when you love someone you can just laugh and even enjoy the adventure of last minute scrambling for a bed.

And so on a beautiful sunny Sunday, we found ourselves at the Hanging Rock.
I have never seen the film, but have read the book (albeit a million years ago).
Over the years I had heard how haunting and that the silence is eerie...well not so much, because the weekend we picked to go it was hosting The Age Harvest Picnic.

Becayse we arrived quite early, (far too early for lunch, anyway) we decided to hit The Rock first.

No, not that Rock

There are a few different walks you can do- one that goes around the base, another shorter scenic walk and of course, The Summit.

It was a very hot day. I'm not going to lie- I was hoping he was going to want to do the base or scenic walk, but of course I know him well enough to know we were always going to be doing The Summit.

The thing is about The Summit walk is that is almost entirely uphill. Funny that.
There were a few moments I cursed my fitness levels, and also my shoe choice. (New Witchery plain ballet flats proved to not have much in the way of grip on the bottom, which ensured some hilarious rock-slipping moments on our descent.)

Entertaining signage did lighten the mood when the ascent was particular sweat-inducing

The effort was truly worth it however whe we saw the view from the summit.

 We indeed picked the perfect day- during our climb we could hear the band playing on the ground below, and when we were finished up we perused the gourmet food markets, had some lunch and enjoyed a well-earnt beer.

Have you been to Hanging Rock? We recommend it!

(My muscles are a little bit stiff today, but it was so worth it!)


  1. I haven't been but it's definitely on the list of places to go! Looks like you had a great day! That menu looks amazing... mmm ribs...

  2. I haven't been either, but it looks lovely!

    I am a planner and get sooo anxious when I am not in control... especially when things go wrong, I get that 'knew I shoulda done it myself' feeling and get kinda grouchy.

    Speaking of grouchy... I get totally grouchy when I get sweaty and/or hot and bothered. Especially if there are flies... I HATE THEM!

    Meanwhile... Love your eye colour!!! Is that a weird thing to say? Probably!!

    1. Oh Missy, I wasn't an example of patience and virtue on the ascent. I was such a sweaty, whiny mess. And then Bill suggests we buy me some hiking boots and that it can be our new coupley 'thing'!!

      Why thankyou, its not a weird thing to say at all, I am happy to accept compliments in any form. Lol

  3. Look how cute you two are!
    I hate saying boyfriend too, but partner is much too grown up.

    1. Thankyou!
      Partner seems a bit wanky to me now, but at what magic age am I supposed to convert?

  4. hahaha sounds like a fun weekend! I would have killed my fiance if he'd planned a weekend away without booking accommodation! it really stresses me out not having somewhere to sleep, lol. good for you for seeing the funny side, and it definitely would have made for some interesting memories and stories! x

    1. I had to laugh rachel, it's just so who he is. Exceptional with the big things like running his two businesses, doing large scale renovations etc. But when it comes to booking dinner, remembering what we have on the weekend, and the like? He's hopeless.

  5. lol so funny when I read "should i have booked accommodation"!! I'm the opposite, I would have cracked it, not a fan of surprises.

    1. I would have loved to seen the look on my face when he said that kerker. But I just had to think we can't go back in time and change it, so let's work with what we've got. It actually was a laugh to drive around and book accommodation and finding even the dodgiest of places were booked out.

    The Rock.



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