Saturday, 30 June 2012

Handbag Desperation

Oh gosh, I want this bag so badly.


- It's the perfect size

- It's made of pony hair and leather, and I don't own anything made from pony hair!
- Could always do with more leather.
- It's in a perfect shade for autumn
- Wouldn't I look jaunty and sassy flouncing around uni with this baby
- It's on sale! $50 off!
- It's the same colour as my hair. Matchy-matchy.
- I could pat my handbag because it has real hair on it. I can't pat any of my other handbags.


- I can't really afford it.
- I've already bought 3 handbags in the last month
- I have another Country Road bag on layby yet to be picked up
- Where on earth am I going to keep it? Running low on bag storage. Or I was, 6 handbags ago.
- Isn't it  bit creepy to pat your handbag?!
- Is this really a handbag I could wear for years?
- It's not really big enough for any of my uni stuff?
- How do they even get the hair from the pony, or should I not ask?



  1. I have pony hair boots. Seriously... people are amazed by Pony Hair. If you love it.. get it. If you think it's ok, it's $50 too much.

    1. Pony Hair boots! I love the sound of those! I was hoping I would go to bed last night and have forgotten about them, but alas this is one of those ones I think will haunt me until I buy it!

  2. It is very nice, but my general rule is no buying if I have something of the same category on laybuy already :P

    About ponyhair (from

    There were a lot of questions regarding ponyhair, haircalf or in industry terms, hair-on leather. What the heck is it? Is it pony? Is it cow? Well, it is most commonly cow, although it can be done with buffalo or any other animal for that matter (shearling is the sheep version of this) but it is usually not actual pony. Basically, it is the hair side of the animal. It is considered a “pelt”, same as fur. The leather that we are most familiar with is actually the underside, the non-hair side of the skin. Haircalf (the most common term but in fashion pony hair is used to make it sound sexier) is more expensive than the average leather but the cost is in the finish of the hair, since it needs to be treated (chrome tanned is a process that gives the hair the super shiny sheen), most of the time it is cut down short (this is necessary for any use other than a rug, as in, in a cowboy’s house), and it is dyed.

    1. Wow Lisa thankyou, most informative comment ever! Logically I completely agree about the no buying if I have something in the same category. If only logic could overpower the emotional WANT right now....


  3. i'm definitely a shoes and handbags collector hahah! i think the main important thing is cost and functionality .. if you wont be wearing it for long term and the price is not right at the moment, i say dont get it unless you see yourself wearing it for more than 1 year.. good luck and keep in touch ^_^


  4. I think you should get it, only because I think the image of you walking around patting your handbag is pure awesome! :)


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