Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fifty Shades of Followers & a Giveaway!

 Holy moly, I've got 50 followers. And I haven't had to pay for any of them!

Thank-you to everyone who has read, commented, engaged with, or merely glanced at one of my posts. I genuinely thought that I would be the only one to poke around here in this odd little corner of the interwebs.

To celebrate, why not have a giveaway? I've been lucky enough to win one from the fantastic Aly (see this post) in my short blogging career, so it's time to pay it forward.


1 x Glasshouse Mini Candle in Mimosa & Wild Apple
5 x ulta3 nail colours in the following shades- Lollypop Lilac, Pepper Pot, Pink Colada, Watermelon, and Fire
1 x NYC Nail Colour in Red Sparkle

1 x Kikki K A5 Black Leather Journal

1 x Canmake Colourful Nails glitter nail polish, direct from Japan

1 x Perfect Automatic Liner by Majolica Majorca (a Shiseido brand), direct from Japan
1 x roll of Washi Kamoi paper decorative adhesive tape, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x Pair of Teddy Bear Chopsticks, direct from Japan

1 x Authentic Ugly Jumper from my Ugly Jumper Party (it has been laundered!)

You didnt think I'd show you the whole hideousness that is my jumper before the party, did you?
1 x Worlds Tiniest Diary direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

1 x pack of Sanrio Pochacco stickers, direct from 12 story stationary shop in Japan

                    THE RULES... because there is always a catch

1. You must be a follower using GFC. That's Google Friend Connect- if you are looking for a place to follow the Global Financial Crisis you are way off path.

2. You must leave a comment. None of this 'I commented!!!' bullshit either.

3. Your comment needs to contain what you enjoy about this little blog, and what you would like to read about in the future. Keen on food reviews of all the haggis spots in Melbourne? Wanting a makeup tutorial on how to get Mimi from The Drew Carey Show's look? Or do you just need a blog where you can read about the mating habits of arachnids? This is your time to suggest what you would like to read about. Constructive criticism as always, is welcome.

4. If you are the winner, you must take a photo of yourself in the Ugly Jumper and email it in to be featured on this blog. You don't have to show your face, your head, or even your whole body, but I do want you to join in the Ugly Jumper Festivities.  And let's face it- you know you want to.

5. Open to Australian residents only. Sorry non-Aussie readers!

6. If you dont have a blog of your own where I can contact you, please leave your email address. If you are a Vogue Forums member, a username would be fine as well. Just please leave something so I can get in touch if you are the winner!

Now, please enter.
 Save me the embarassment of having to tell my Mum I write a blog, just so I can gain one entry. She's already seen the hideous jumper, and has been eyeing it off for her wardrobe. She's fashionable like that.



  1. This giveaway is pure craziness, in the best possible way - I love it! So generous, and I'm dying for all of the Japanese goodies!

    I'm going to always angle for more Japan posts...but also love your dress up pictures. You're writing style is great, so pretty much anything!!

    (I totally didn't mean to be the first to post, especially because you mentioned me - I feel like such a me-me!)

  2. Im following you on GFC (Alana). Mmm as for your blog, I like your writing style! The Ugly Jumpers fasinate and horrify me, as a child who grew up in op shop/second hand jumpers they bring back (awful) memories. The worst was a windcheater with 2 teddy bears with beaded eyes sewn on it. No words can explain how bad it was. I was in year 6-7 when I had it too but mum forced me to wear it. Horrible!


  3. I am a second for one who enjoys your writing style! Your "about me" section sucked me in... I like how open you are with sharing things about yourself. In terms of what I would like to see from your blog in the future... just keep doing what you've been doing :) I'm not that keen on haggis, Mimi's makeup or spiders (uggh just reminded me of a terrible dream I had last night! Couldn't get rid of the huge spiders everywhere!!!)

  4. what a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE giveaway!! okay what do I love about this blog? I like your sense of humor and bit of sarcasm... I don't write the same way, but I am often that way in person, so I get it and I like it. I would like to see funny things or wacky things. Things that will either enlighten me or just make me giggle for a good while. I am not opposed to videos of you dancing like an idiot :) xx

  5. omg omg omg. I want to win that ugly jumper!!! This is a super exciting giveaway, I have a history of winning these things but what' the bet that now I really want one I miss out :-P

    Promise if I win I will post photos with my face on my own blog!

    I love everything about your blog, I don't think it'd matter if you were writing about what you ate for breakfast or about watching paint dry, you have a great way of writing that makes everything amusing and fun.

    I'm not a huge fan of reviews unless it's something you feel strongly about or a once a month kind of thing, I read blogs for the virtual friend factor (which I think for me is much higher than my real friend factor...) so I like the ones that are personal and about the day to day life stuff.

    So excited :-D

  6. Wow what an awesome giveaway (yes purely for the ugly jumper!) If I win there will be MANY photos of myself in the ugly jumper, don't worry :P

    I love your writing style too, you write in such a relatable way and it always cracks me up! I loved all your Japan pictures, maybe you should just go on holiday all the time so I can live vicariously through you. Or take me with you! I don't really know what I really want to see, though - more of your awesomeness? Is that an acceptable answer?

    Congrats on 50 followers, and I'm sure there's loads more to come! xx

  7. OOoh how exciting, what an awesome giveaway :-) I think I need to throw my own ugly jumper party, that's my kind of humour lol.

    I actually really just like the way you write, I think I have the same sarcastic sense of humour and your take on things (and the way it's written) makes me chuckle. I also loved seeing your Japan photos and reading about your time there, as I definitely want to visit!

  8. Wowzas... Imagine having an authentic bona fide UGLY jumper to call my own! All my wishes would be granted!! hehe

    Same as most other comments mentioned... I really like your writing style, and embarrassingly laugh out loud in my place of work whilst reading the awesomeness that is this Unique Blog of Awesome. I would, however, be very interested in a Mimi makeup tutorial. Very interested.

  9. I love this giveaway!! and I love the fact that the winner of the ugly jumper has to post a photo of themselves in it! I'm totally up for that challenge!

    I love your blog because you are hilariously funny and your blog will, without fail, always put a smile on my face or make me laugh out loud. what I want more of: what you're doing now. xx

  10. Bahahaha you are hilarious. I think your blog title says it all about why I love following you (not in a creepy stalker way, obviously). You are one of a kind, please never change. You don't need suggestions on what to write, just keep doing what you are doing because it is bloody entertaining reading. Love ya xx

  11. OMG ugly jumper... Miss directions will have to fight your mum for it! You know i needddd that chopsticks!

    I need more pics of ugly jumpers from the Kath and Kim Kollection!

  12. Bahahaha the best give away ever,An ugly jumper included, SWEET. Tell your Mum that jumper is mine, I do have my eye on that ski jumper from a previous post though. I would love to hear more random stories like the one about the penguin. I am trying to think of my own party themes, I am tempted to steal the ugly jumper theme, but I may just go with the Unicorn/Uniform idea. Congrats on 50 followers ex oh ex oh

  13. Awesome giveaway. I've enjoyed finding you over at Vogue and following you on here, love you sense of humour and writing style. Keep doing exactly what you are doing, you increase in followers is a testament to this. Good luck and thanks! Ps: vogue username is Heart&home.

  14. I nearly wet myself when I saw that the ugly jumper was included, nice one!
    I think you write well on any topic - my favourite was reading about your Japan adventures (and also your pre-japan post made me giggle a lot) and I loved your little polymer food creations - sounds like you have had/have some pretty creative hobbies, so I would love to see more of your creations.
    Congrats on the 50 followers xx

  15. Hhaha I have been without internet due to HP killing my laptop. and I finally got it back, the first thing I did was check my favourite blogs! You haven't disappointed :)
    I have to say, I don't have any requests on what you write about, it's how you write and your general take on everything that I enjoy reading! :)
    Congrats on your followers!

  16. Hello hello! I'm not really sure if my last comment posted (don't think it did...but my lap top is a little strange), but I will comment again!
    The Like: Love your humour - from the first time I glanced at your 'about me' section! None of this boring/mainstream ' I am a twenty-something year old girl who likes shopping' :P (although...this is me :P)
    The Want: No requests, really. Keep it interesting and 'awesome' as it already has been :P. And congrats on the 50+ likers!!

    x Deb (who is a google follower, but I can't log into that atm!)

  17. Global Financial Crisis XD

    I love your Polymer clay food, it would be great if you did a tutorial for it. And perhaps some reviews for food(!), and add a few of your fav recipes complete with pictures. ^^

    I found you via VF btw. ;)

  18. i'm still drooling for those bloody brownies you jerk!!! more more more!! can you do a scratch and sniff and taste post!! of brownies!! then i can eat my screen! aahhahaaha
    you should have more about your sex career haha

    you should include chocoloate in your giveawya. i want some NOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO


  19. ps congrats on your followers yaaaay!

  20. I am a just-birthed follower here (nice visual I probably gave you haha sorry about that).
    Not wanting to be entered in the giveaway as I came here after it had posted and it should be for one of those counted in the 50. :D So I am just saying Hi while I stalk your blog and have a mum who would do the exact same thing so felt compelled to comment. haha.

  21. Been reading your blog for awhile... I want more geisha pics!! :)
    Hehe but seriously enjoy reading posts about recent purchases etc

  22. I'm a new follower so I can't give you too much feedback yet, although I enjoyed the humour in this post and like your fish-scaled background. :P I'm not big on haggis, but I do like to read other people's reviews of restaurants/cafes etc and spy on what they're eating. Congrats on 50 followers!

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  23. omg am i too late? how did i miss this post??? lucky i saw your post on the forum!! LOL love the idea of taking a pic of the jumper! I love the way your word your posts, always cracks me up!

  24. I'm not sure how I missed this either!! Am I too late? :(

    Even if I am, I am going to tell you what I love about your blog anyway. Because your blog is awesome, and it deserves it!

    Mainly what I love about your blog is that it makes me laugh. You have such an entertaining way of writing, and even a simple story put into your words turns into a really wonderful thing to read!

    I want to see more of that. And BABS! And more creepy souvenirs. What did you get your sister from Japan?! :)


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