Monday, 12 March 2012

I Still Exist

I have not forgotten you! Unless my accountant is reading. I have forgotten him lately.

My 72yo father is very proud of how he has adapted with the times and can use modern technology.

He went to one computer class in 98, learnt how to make one calender on MS Publisher (because if you are going to know how to use one program, thats the one) and from that day on has been confidently clicking left, right and all over the place because HE KNOWS HOW TO USE THE COMPUTER. AND NO I DONT NEED YOUR HELP BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER.


So the other week, Dad decides that the modem is looking unwell. He decided to unplug the modem because he didnt like the look of that little light. Surely it needed a reset.

My father reset our modem because of a light that was blinking. That light has been blinking for over 6 years and means we are connected to the internet and the outside world.

Good one Dad.

Now im stuck in an endless loop in between my ISP (who swear they have given me my username and password correctly) and my modem manufacturer (who swear they have given me the instructions correctly and the ISP must have given me the wrong details).

Bah humbug.

So, heres a photo that made me giggle.


  1. LOL, that sounds so much like my Dad! Things will be working perfectly and then he fiddles with them and messes everything up. The last time was when he asked me if I wanted more RAM in my computer. I said "no, please don't touch it, my computer is working really well and it's very fast for my purposes". He decided to upgrade it anyway (without warning), and in the process wiped all of my data plus an important partition that contained windows data. The whole system ended up having to be sent off for repair!

  2. I missed your hilarious posts! my dad knows how to use the internet, only problem is he keeps dling all sorts of spyware lol

  3. I'm glad to know Fathers are the same everywhere! Oh man though, I had a good chuckle at this. Yay for you still existing :)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Reminds me of the oldies in my family. Especially mum who thinks she's tech-savvy and gets mad if she gets something wrong.
    Me: Internet is constantly disconnecting, so over it.
    Mum: Mine never disconnects it just doesn't load until you reset the router.
    Me: .....

  5. Oh, dear! I was wondering where you were! My dad is like kerkers, knows how to use it, but loved dloading all the spyware!

    Miss your posts! Hope you come back soon!


  6. Can't decide if your story about your dad unplugging your modem or the picture of Hairy Potter was funnier...


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