Sunday, 25 March 2012

12 Days

In 12 days time I will be landing in Tokyo. Eeep!

The weather in Tokyo has been...not so great. I've had to go out and buy some comfy boots and a winter coat, just in case.
I've got all of my accommodation sorted, my JR Rail Pass so I am free to roam around Japan whilst I'm there, my tickets to Disneyland, and have spent what feels like a billion dollars on all those things you buy new before you travel. Because of course, I am desperately going to NEED that Country Road scarf I have never even thought about wearing in my daily life. But now its a necessity!

Look at that face! Isn't it killing you with cuteness?!

Theres that cute face all grown up!
My eldest neice Jamieson turned 18 on the weekend. I'm feeling really quite old thinking about it- and i'm only 6 years older myself. I also love in this photo my little nephew Jhye in the corner, who is clearly thinking, 'CAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!'

Billasaurus Rex and I had a party fail on the weekend.

Our aim was large: to go to 3 parties in the one night. This was made harder by the fact BR had been up since 5 working, and had to do the same on Sunday, the next day.

We started off strong with my nieces 18th birthday dinner. He kept tapping his iPhone suggesting we really should head off to the next party. I kept putting him off, and stalling. I reassured him that no engagement party would be getting quiet so early.

Finally he said at 9...we REALLY need to go so I finally wound up my goodbyes. (I'm one of those painful people that take forever to leave a party.)

By the time we arrived at the party it was 9.15, and I shit you not, they were packing up.

Nothing feels quite so awkward as rocking up to a party, present in tow, whilst they are folding down tables and packing their gifts into the car.


But seriously- 9pm?! Who has an engagement party that goes from 7-9pm?!

Have you been to an awkward party? Please, tell me all about it in the comments and make me feel better!
 I promise not to laugh at your misfortune (too hard!)


  1. So very jealous that you're off to Tokyo - one of the greatest places on earth, I do believe!

    I'm quite shocked about that engagement party! What on earth kind of party is that?!

  2. Ahhhh I'm jealous I WANT A HOLIDAY!
    I hope that couple's marriage isn't as short as their engagement party, what party poopers!

  3. I've rocked up to a party on the wrong day...not fun at *all* because then they feel obliged to entertain you, and you can't say no but don't want to say yes and you know you're infringing on their plans and ugh....

    Handy hint: always check the calendar before you leave, and make sure you know what day it is.


    I awarded you some blog awards! Mosey on down here: if you want to check them out. Xx

  4. Jealous jealous jealous!

    And that party... unbelievable!


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