Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Magical Fruit

Just thought I'd share a picture of my secret spot. On the weekend I like to sneak out and have breakfast all by myself. A bit of quiet time, I can spread out and read the paper and start the weekend off with a little bit of calm. Don't tell Billasaurus, will you? Otherwise he'll want to come- surely I'm allowed one tiny secret? :)

I always sit in the same spot! The courtyard is an oasis in the city with lots of beautiful greenery.

These are my breakfast beans. You know, the magical fruit? The more you eat, the more you... like them?
I always thought I hated baked beans, but turns out I just hate that weird beany goop you get in cans. Not that i'm a snob- this morning I ate 11 pickled onions from the jar for breakfast. Let's be real here.

Beans, green tea, and privacy. What more could I want?

(Truth be told, about halfway through my breakfast I start to wonder what Billasaurus is up to, and wishing I had bought him with me)


  1. Oh yum! where is this? Don't tell me if you plan to kill me afterwards :p xx


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