Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Get ready for the most earth shattering first post ever written

It appears I have now made a habit of extraordinary claims like 'best first post ever!', and then failing to back it up. Im sorry for that.

You may have noticed, this is a blog.

My blog.

First posts are awkward. Awkward like a first date with someone who you dont particularly know, and its shaping up that you dont reeallly want to. In this scenario, I am the person sitting opposite you nervously filling in the awkward silence with my incessant, desperate jibber jabber, whilst you are hiding your hand under the murky, formerly clear, plastic table cloth desperately hoping your friend will call in regards to that 'emergency'.

A tumbleweed passes by the table.

So, what will this blog be about?

I can tell you what it wont be about-

- This is NOT a Mummy blog. I would rather stab muself in the eye than read another debate on different nappies and hear women hate on each other for their individual choices. Plus, I dont have kids which would make content problematic.

Source: Dainty Mom

- This is NOT a Wedding blog. No hate on those, they always look so shiny and glossy full of whimsy. I however, have this lofty idea (stay with me now) that to be the creator of such a blog, you should probably be atleast engaged, or even somewhat close to it. (Controversial, no?) I am nowhere near that.

- This is NOT an accordian and bagpipe appreciation blog. I hope something like that exists for those people out there that yearn to connect with other fans of offensive sounding instruments, I really do. This however, is not that blog. (ETA: Oh! Here it is!)

- This is not style blog. I like those, but I dont have style. Plus, I would have to take myself more seriously and actually leave the house without the remnants of my breakfast soiling my clothes.


Well, its unique. I may have overpromised on the awesome part, but it IS unique.

So, I buy makeup. I might write about that.
I buy clothes and things. I might write about that.
I do day to day activities, I might write about that.
I could be an agony aunt. Oooh, please someone write to me with your problems.
Books, movies, music, friends, families, relationships...I could write about that too!

And maybe the odd app review.

(Im sorry, I lied. I wont be doing any app reviews. Its much kinder to let you know now, than have you trawl this place looking for them. Plus, I would actually have to remember my iTunes password for that.)

This blog may also contain traces of nuts (by that I mean, me being nuts.)

So heres a question for my (imaginary) readers:
Lapdancing- how would you feel about your boyfriend getting one without your knowledge? Is it cheating? Is it a waste of money? Is it a dealbreaker, or no big issue?


  1. I would be well pissed off.... mostly at the not telling me part. If it was at a regular strippers like the mens gallery and nothing super gross I wouldn't really care so unless he's doing something he knows he shouldn't theres no reason to not tell me

  2. It's a waste of money, I wouldnt want my man out there getting a lap dance

  3. It's a waste of money and I would be pretty pissed off why he was there in the first place, makes me think it's not his first and who knows if there is more?

  4. Ooooh you're funny! I like this blog - keep it up :-D

    My answer to your question...He can get all the lap-dances he wants - if that's what he's into....which he's not. I don't really believe in restricting someone from doing something if they *rrrreally* want to do it.

    But I've never been with a man who is fond of lap-dances ;-) I know my man likes looking at a bit of pr0n occasionally and it's okay by me - I mean, most men do (and lots of chicks) so its no big deal.

    Annnnnyways - I'm rambling ;-D
    More cool posts please!

  5. I'd be pretty miffed I think. I know he'd be the same if it were the other way round. Definitely a waste of money. Even if he told me before I still wouldn't be happy. Not sure it would be an outright deal breaker though. Depends how sorry he was I guess.

  6. my deal is: stripclubs - absolutely. lapdances?: nope.

    my husband goes to the stripclub to watch UFC every three weeks and it's fine. from what i understand, he finds the strippers in between fights kind of annoying so i think i'm good lol.

    you know, you're pretty fun. i look forward to seeing your blog when you decorate it!

  7. Thanks for commenting guys, its still a shock that someone else has read this aside from me, lol.

    The reason I asked about the lapdancing is that my best friend P's boyfriend cancelled their movie date on Christmas Eve, and said he was too busy to catch up with her when in reality he was getting a lapdance at the nearest strip joint and 'bonding with his new work buddies'. Needless to say, she wasnt too impressed.

  8. I like your blog! As for your question: I think it's a moot point because I don't date the kind of guys that are into things like lap dances. Not sure what I would do if it did happen...ask him why he didn't ask for one at home for free maybe...?

  9. hi cindy! love your writing.
    so lapdances. do they even exist? i mean, i've been to a stripclub a few times and from what i can see the girls get nekked in the private room but there is no actual sitting on the laps. no touching. so it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
    the without my knowledge would be very distressing though! cause then it would seem seedier somehow.

  10. I'm sorry hollypop, but they do exist! Depending on what club you go to, some even let men touch the stripper whilst she goes to town on their laps.

  11. Coincidentally if anyone reads the Ask Bossy blog on a very similar question was posted today!

    I don't mind my partner going to strip clubs if it's with a bunch of boys - I trust him, and his male friends are quite sensible in the scheme of things.

    I would draw the line at a lapdance though - no thank you! I don't think he would do it even if he had the chance and I approved it anyway, he's just not that sort of guy :)

  12. Unfortunately I came here expecting a blog on accordian and bagpipe appreciation, but since this is not one, I don’t know if I can ever return…

    As for the lap dance business, well, hmmm. I’m fine for my husband to go to the strippers but I don’t like the sounds of a lap dance. If he was to get a lap dance, and there was NO touching I would not really care.

  13. Im very sorry Aspiring Domestic Goddess, you are just going to have to get your accordian and bagpipe appreciation fix elsewhere! Lol.

    I think you hit the nail on the head- most people seem fine for their partner to go to a strip club but draw the line at touching, which in my mind makes complete sense.


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